I am really interested in catching moments in peoples lives.  

I  enjoy doing family posed portraits but I think that it is the candid moments that family's create by interacting in an activity together that make the most amazing photos.  

There are times when a child will not smile for the camera.  I think that is just awesome because that is who they are and sometimes the dead-pan stare into the camera becomes the most beautiful B&W photo a parent will ever see. 

I enjoy spending time with your favorite pet to capture whatever energy they have so that you will forever remember them for the joy they bring.

I believe that a high school senior can have a photo session that forever captures who they are at this important milestone.  I do not believe that an over the top hair & makeup "hollywood" photo session shows who a person is.  That works great for some people but I think a down to earth shoot is just more real. I am specializing in senior boys because I feel that they may not find an avenue of a great photo session with out all the added expectations of being the perfect model with the perfect hair & clothes.  I think that everyone has their own beauty, why change just for a camera? 

I really enjoy shooting different events whether it's a sporting event,  anniversary,  or birthday party.   It is always nice to be given the opportunity for a new challenge and to meet great people. 

When people are being themselves, doing what they do - this is when the best moments are happening and where I love to be...capturing those moments.

Contact info: vbahns@me.com

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