Please contact me for the following: 

• Family Photo Sessions •

  Starts at $300 for a 1 hour photo session in the local Bend/Redmond area.

• Children's Portrait Sessions •

  Starts at $200 for a 45-1 hour session in the local Bend/Redmond area.

• High School Senior Photo Sessions •

  Starts at $300 for a 60 min the local Bend/Redmond area.

• Event Photography •

  Starts at $300 for 2 hours depending on event size in the local Bend/Redmond area. 

I do not require a print order although if prints are to be made, I highly suggest ordering from my site thru my print house (WHCC) as the prints will be what is expected.  Clients that use Costco or other printing services may see variations in the print output such as a warm hue (yellow) etc.  I cannot be held responsible for what prints look like if a client uses a different print house other than my site services.

I do not deliver or supply raw files under any circumstances.  The client will receive a link with  a password of full resolution jpegs to be viewed, downloaded and/or printed.  These will be edited jpegs at my (the photographer) discretion.  I make an artisan edit for each photo as I feel the photo to be represented.  

Requests to change a B&W to color or Color to B&W will be considered & charged at an  additional fee. 

A USB key with full resolution jpegs will be supplied if requested by client for a fee of $25.00.

As the photographer, I Veronica J. Bahns retain full copyright of all images I produce for clients.  

I only intend to use client images for marketing purposes on this website and various social media sites such as my Facebook & Instagram pages.  Under no circumstances will I sell client photos to outside entities without prior client approval and authorization.

Please contact me:

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